By: Graham VanDusen

To continue my introduction I want to go over the gear that I use.


Lets start with my Bow:

2014 Elite Energy 32 28″ Draw Length: 63lbs

QAD Elite Special Fall Away Rest

Tru Glo Single Pin Sight


Cobra Bravo Jr. Trigger Release.









Carbon Express Pile Drivers










Stand and Tree Saddle(with platform):

Lone Wolf Assault II with ez hang.
Equipped with Stealth Strips, Universal Bow holder, Universal Quiver holder, Molle Backpack straps, and Para Cord Cobra Weave.

Trophyline Tree Saddle with custom Gel Straps. Two Lineman ropes with prusik knot. One for climbing, and one for attaching to bridge.

5 Ameristep strap on steps linked together on ratchet strap.



















Just About Everything Else:

100 Gr. Rage Hypodermic

Leupold Range Finder with angle adjustment.

From Top Left: Hooyman Extendable Saw, Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks(with Stealth Strips), Scent Killer, Nose Jammer, Stepp Ladder(12), Hawk Gear Hooks, Bow Holder, Pull-up Rope, rattle bag, grunt/snort weeze tube, zeiss binos, lifeline, fanny pack, montana doe and buck decoy, Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Camera Arm, In Sights Backpack with Bow holder, Hawk GoPro Arm, Muddy Safety harness and lineman rope.













Sony AX53 4K Camcorder and GOPRO Hero 3+.

Garmin etrx 25 touch screen GPS.      With OnXmaps property line chip.













I think that is all my gear

Any Questions?

If so email me at graham@diywhitetail.com